Sticking with Safety: Social Distancing & COVID-19 Safety Stickers

Businesses have closed and reopened around the world, sometimes multiple times only to repeat the process again. To keep customers safe, businesses are adopting new safety protocols that are proving effective (Read our Reopening Your Restaurant After COVID-19  blog post to learn more). Unfortunately, with change comes the need for new equipment and supplies. While restaurants and shops commonly stock gloves and hairnets, social distance signage, sanitising wipes and other COVID related items are something entirely new.

The Basic Supplies

We all know the importance of facial coverings and how they keep customers and staff safe; however, we haven’t all formed the new habit of remembering to put on a mask before entering a building. We need a little reminder. “Facial coverings required” stickers and signs on doors leading into your business can provide that friendly reminder that helps customers and staff form healthy habits that keep everyone safe and your restaurant open.

Floor Graphics

Restaurants and businesses also need to provide social distancing signage to help their customers stay the recommended one to two meters from other customers. These signs can also help guide customers on the safest paths to navigate around other visitors and staff. Made from a permanent adhesive, these floor markers are ideal for waiting areas, lines, entrances and more. We offer floor signs of various styles, sizes and colours.

Sanitisation Stickers

Besides satisfying your health and safety inspector, sanitisation stickers set your customers at ease by showing them that your business takes sanitisation seriously. These stickers feature a removable adhesive that leaves less residue compared to average stickers. Labels indicate date, time, and employee information to help staff know who sanitised a specific surface and when they cleaned it.

Find the Right Sanitisation Solutions for You

For more information on products that can help your customers and staff stay healthy, contact your foodservice distributor or designated sales representative. Otherwise, place your order through our website.

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