Ensuring a Safe Re-Opening for Foodservice Operations

How is your foodservice operation planning to re-opening once allowed? With great uncertainty and moving parts, it is a hard time for businesses and customers alike. Safety is top-of-mind; keeping customers and employees safe in your space is of the highest importance moving forward. Consider these factors:  

Cleaning & Sanitising.

Cleaning is one way to ensure that your business continues to be a safe space for customers. Tables should be disinfected with a high-quality disinfectant, whether it be a spray or a wipe, between each customer group and it should be clear this has been done. Additional high-touch items that need to be cleaned and sanitised frequently include, chairs, condiments, door handles and more. This is a great opportunity to use sanitised labels! Sanitised labels show customers that thorough sanitising occurred and include space to mark an employee name, date and time. Customers will want to see that an item is ready for use or their table is safe to eat at. When the time comes to re-sanitise, a removable adhesive leaves no residue behind.

Ensuring Proper Distancing.

Keeping at least two meters between customers is necessary to slow the spread. How will your foodservice operation adapt to this? Are you able to move your tables two meters apart? Will you need to install any protective barriers for cashiers, or between tables? You may also have a counter where employees either pay or can purchase takeaway items. Consider using floor graphics that show customers where to stand as they wait. Some businesses require customers to wear masks. If this is the case, a bright-coloured window cling makes masks requirements known and is easy to both apply and remove.

Food Labelling.

Is your food labelling ready for re-openings? While proper nutritional information and ingredients are necessary for front-of-the-house labelling (for items like grab-and-go), back-of-the-house food safety labelling makes it easy to properly mark ingredients and to track when they are at their best. If you find that your operation is constantly trying to keep up with handwritten labels, consider using an automated labelling machine to streamline labelling and save employee time so they can focus on keeping customers safe.

Preventing Tampering.

Many restaurants now offer delivery, takeaway or curbside pickup options for customers, if they had not already before. How do you prevent delivery drivers from tampering and contaminating orders? Unfortunately, tampering happens more than we would like to think. Tamper-evident labels are easy to use, take seconds to implement and will make tampering known if it does occur.

We know that keeping customers safe and addressing their concerns is top priority, which is why we continually strive to develop the solutions you need. 

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