Introducing the DateCodeGenie® Lite

Communicating allergens and nutritional information, managing prepped items, and reducing food waste depends on an efficient, accurate labelling system.

So, is your current system up to the challenge?

Or does it lead to inconsistency, lost time, and the need for retraining?

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Maybe It’s Time for an Upgrade

Maybe it’s time for the DateCodeGenie Lite

As a stand-alone thermal printer and touchscreen tablet duo, the DateCodeGenie® Lite provides a portable solution that automates your labelling process for both front and back of house operations.

Because of its affordability, versatility, and mobility, the DateCodeGenie Lite works especially well for businesses and chains with limited space or multiple locations.

The DateCodeGenie Lite Helps You:


Create Consistency

Use DateCodeGenie Lite’s cloud-based software to create consistency throughout your entire labelling system—even across multiple locations. 

Minimise Food Waste

Manage prep inventory to reduce food waste and uphold health regulations.



Elevate Your Brand

Your business—your logo. Generate branded labels that increase brand awareness with each delivery order and retail item that heads out the door.

Keep Customers Informed

Prints labels that list allergens, dietary facts, use-by date, price, QR codes, ingredients and more.


DateCodeGenie Lite Features Include

  • Portable 10″ full-colour touchscreen tablet with a reinforced, protective silicon case
  • Stand-alone thermal printer with print head width of 50mm & 75mm, offering various label lengths to suit all applications
  • Wireless thermal printer & tablet connect using Bluetooth technology
  • Capable of printing a variety of information, including QR codes, allergens, ingredients, use by date, price, & logos
  • Drag & drop label designer that makes label creation quick & easy
  • A familiar, intuitive, & customisable user experience
  • Ability to control menu items across multiple locations using the online DateCodeGenie portal
  • Templates that help you create common label types even faster
  • Media library for storing recipes, training documents, & videos
  • WiFi connection that allows for automatic software updates
  • Cloud-based technology for secure data storage & backup
  • Training & support to help you fully utilise the device
  • Two-year warranty

Seeing Is Believing

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