FIFO (First In, First Out) For Your Kitchen

First In, First Out, generally shortened to FIFO, is a method of inventory management, valuation, and organisation that dictates the order in which food items are purchased, produced, used, sold, or disposed of, i.e. items purchased or produced first are used, sold, or disposed of first.

While it may take a bit more time and effort to organise food according to FIFO, it is absolutely worth the investment.

Why is FIFO Important

The reason why is quite simple as FIFO keeps older food from being pushed to the back of the fridge or shelf where it will be overlooked or forgotten entirely. The FIFO method and portion control are therefore key to reducing food waste and profit loss in the kitchen; helping to use in date order prepped ingredients and food items ensuring they are fresh and up to date.

This process also makes it easier to identify food that is about to expire – as food past its use-by date must be discarded. FIFO can help food establishments identify items that are almost expired and use or sell them before this date passes. Food rotation also helps prevent the growth of pathogens and mold, some of which are undetectable at first glance. When an employee is able to monitor how much time food has spent in storage they are better able to improve the safety and freshness of food, keeping customers safe and reducing food waste simultaneously.

FIFO is also beneficial from a management perspective. This method follows the natural flow of inventory as older/oldest products are most likely to lose value due to long-term storage and can therefore help restaurants track how quickly their food stock is being used. This also means that company accounts will better reflect the value of current inventory, as unsold products are also the newest ones.

This information can be used to better manage inventory and adjust orders to fit the needs of the site more closely, which helps reduce waste and boost profit margins as well.

FIFO (First In, First Out) and Portion Control Tools for Your Kitchen

FIFO is one of the easiest inventory management methods to implement in your restaurant. With the right products your staff can ensure they are using the oldest ingredients first to reduce the chance of spoilage and waste.

NCCO International also offers wholesale FIFO and portion control products to streamline your food prep and keep your kitchen operating smoothly. FIFO bottles, kits and accessories ensure consistent and up-to-date portioning during food preparation.

FIFO bottles, for example, feature non-drip dispensing valves and FIFO kits come with fixed portion rings to save time, reduce costs, and minimise waste. Our inventory also includes sauce guns, bottle racks and other accessories.

Labels are another efficient way to help implement FIFO in your kitchen. The DateCodeGenie® completely automates your labelling system and prints prep, sell-by and use-by dates at the simple press of a button. This helps keep inventory organised and ensure there is no confusion over which items need to be used first.

Whether you need a full kit or specific products, NCCO International provides the perfect product solution for your kitchen.

All NCCO FIFO products are completely BPA-free as well.

FIFO is the only solution for tracking organization safety and usefulness of food items in the kitchen. If your kitchen is not using First In, First Out methods already, try some of NCCO International’s top-quality FIFO tools to get started today.

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