The way students and parents think about food at school is evolving.

Now more than ever, schools are serving breakfast and à la carte and offer vending machines and snack bars. Your school’s foodservice operation is growing responsible for more than just serving students between 11 and 14 o’clock – many students rely on the restaurant for healthy, well-rounded options and multiple meals a day.


As a foodservice provider, this is an exciting opportunity for you to play an integral role in a pupil’s life. You can ensure the food they consume under your roof is of proper nutritional value with limited sugar and unwanted additives or ingredients. Plus, with students being able to leave the school grounds for lunch, how do you keep them interested in your on-site offerings?

When students reach the age of attending University, oftentimes they visit the restaurant three or four times a day as their primary source for holistic meals.

So, how can your school’s foodservice operation stay up to date with industry trends, being sure you are offering your students the healthiest, safest meals possible?

From primary school to University, NCCO International can help keep students safe during every year of their educational journey.


Food Safety Products

Keeping students safe so they can focus on learning is your main goal – and this extends into the kitchen. From breakfast to lunch to after-school meals, food preparation practices and labelling are imperative to the health of your students. Our DateIt™ line of food rotation labels and allergen awareness labels help keep your kitchen efficient and organised.

Automated Labelling

Á la carte, take-away, preparation and more – the DateCodeGenie® streamlines kitchen labelling. With the ability to print up to 60 labels a minute, you will save 122+ hours a year over handwritten label creation. Plus, quickly and easily control multiple locations all at once – from primary to secondary, University and beyond.

FIFO & Portion Control

First-in, first-out and adequate portion control are both important to ensure your operation runs at its most efficient while keeping students safe. For salad bars and condiment stations, FIFO bottles are a flexible, smart choice. Portion Pal sauce dispensers come in handy as you prepare lunches or breakfast items. 

Till Rolls & Ribbons

High-quality till rolls and ribbons are important for every POS system. Whether your students are paying by punching in their student ID to access funds or paying by credit card or cash, a receipt is the final step of a successful sale. NCCO International provides a wide variety of till rolls and ribbons to fit your needs.

Portion Bags

Keep your school kitchen’s prepped ingredients organised and measured with NCCO International’s portion bags. Color-coded bags for days-of-the-week and a handy stand make integrating these efficient bags into your operation a seamless experience. With accurate portions, you will reduce food waste and gain insight into ingredients your school kitchen can modify – whether it be ordering more or less for specific meals, á la carte and more.

Piping Bags

NCCO International’s piping bags eliminate the hassle and worry of unsanitary cloth bags. Our two-part kits save time over larger, clunkier kits, so you can focus on creating healthy and safe food for school celebrations and more.

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