Digitise Food Safety & HACCP Compliance

With Task Manager from NCCO

Task Manager is a paperless HACCP solution designed for digital checklists, forms, and automated temperature monitoring. Gain oversight, improve efficiency and maintain high Scores on Doors ratings all from one system.

NCCO provides dedicated, personalised support and training when you implement Task Manager. Try our Savings Calculator to see how much your business can save, and request a quote for details or to get started today.

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Forms, Checklists, and Reporting:

  • Access standard HACCP forms or digitise your own
  • Automate recurring forms with scheduling engine
  • Enhance oversight with review and approvals feature
  • Generate multi-venue reports and retain incident logs

Temperature Monitoring:

  • Monitor refrigerator and freezer temperatures remotely
  • Integrated sensors and gateway transmit real-time data
  • Receive instant alert notifications for temperatures outside safe range
  • Reduce spoilage and stock loss by taking immediate action

DateCodeGenie® Labelling Integration:

  • Integration with the DateCodeGenie system allows for one-click food labels printing
  • Use existing label and ingredient data already within your DateCodeGenie portal
  • Save time printing Use-By, Defrost, Batch labels and more directly from Task Manager

Task Manager Information Request

Task Manager Savings Calculator

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Eliminate twice-daily manual fridge/freezer temp recording.
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Time saved by managers not searching through paper records.
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Detect fridge/freezer malfunctions and act promptly to prevent food loss.
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No more money wasted on paper, toner, folders, and pens.
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“At Bon Secours Galway, we had been using the old Paper book system for years. Living in such a hygiene conscious world now we decided it was time to go digital. Working with Task Manager we were able to roll out a new digital system flawlessly."

-Dolores Mitchell - Bon Secours Hospital 

“Launching a new hotel in Dublin city comes with its challenges. Thankfully, with Task Manager we were able to launch a paperless kitchen from the outset.”

-Stuart Heeney, Head Chef – Hard Rock Hotel 

"Task Manager has improved our kitchen operations. It has streamlined compliance recordkeeping for the staff, making management much easier and more efficient." 

- Ed Saad, Executive Chef - Hilton Hotel Dublin 

“’I’m responsible for managing the food safety across all 8 Base Pizza locations and I absolutely could not do it without Task Manager.”

-Elaine O'Connor, Food Safety Manager - Base Pizza  

"Press Up Group has grown to 60 locations within several years. Task Manager has been able to scale with us as we grew. We are able to manage all of the Press Up locations from one easy to use multi-venue dashboard." 

- Loretta Kelleher, Compliance Manager - Press Up Group

“’Working with Task Manager's platform we have been able to digitise the paperwork across all of our client locations and to implement fridge and freezer monitoring. This has improved efficiency and compliance at each site and made it much easier to manage across our 100+ locations.”

-Rachel Beirne, Compliance Manager - Compass Group Ireland
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