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Company History

Whether you are a restaurant owner or foodservice distributor, NCCO International is committed to helping deliver the products best fitting your needs. Our company has strong core values focused on respect for every individual, integrity, collaboration, innovation and passion for excellence.


Beginnings in Minnesota, United States

Entrepreneurs Carl Raschick and Frank Minea founded National Checking Company (NCCO International Ltd.’s parent company) in St. Paul, Minnesota, United States of America, as printers of coupon books, which were widely used as cash equivalents at the time. Over the next 100 years, NCCO introduced a multitude of products to the North American market, including register rolls and ribbons, food safety products, automated labelling advancements and more.


2003 – 2004

Exploration in Europe

NCCO’s Michael D. Minea, the grandson of Frank Minea, began exploring the European market with Paco Galea, a well-known restaurateur. Galea had been travelling in the United States and saw the use of NCCO’s Guest Checks™– realising he wanted to be able to use them in European restaurants as well. With Galea’s guidance, National Checking Company began operations in England, with the goal to provide food safety and disposable products to the European market. Key products sold were U.S. Guest Checks and register rolls and ribbons.



From the GuestCheck™ to the WaitRpad®

Distribution of NCCOs products moved to Glasgow, Scotland and food safety products were introduced as part of its offerings. United States designed Guest Checks were re-designed for the European market and renamed to WaitRpads®.


2008 – 2010

Rapid Growth

With a desire to be more centrally located to serve the United Kingdom, National Checking Company relocated distribution centers to Burton upon Trent, U.K. Business was quickly growing as NCCO brought on more sales members and reached new customers in Germany, Holland, Italy and Spain. At this time a distribution center also opened in Holland to better serve mainland Europe.



Formal Incorporation

On May 16, 2012, NCCO International Ltd. began official operations as a European company and was formally incorporated. In the same year, FIFO and Portion Pal product lines were added to European offerings.


2014 – 2016

Age of Acquisition

NCCO International introduced piping bags to product offerings. At the same time, United States-based NCCO acquired the Date Code Genie­®, a full-service automated labelling system. This intuitive system was also introduced to NCCO International’s product suite.


2017 – 2020

Looking Forward to the Future

NCCO International continues to grow, with new products and additional markets introduced yearly along with new team members. When everything adds up, NCCO International’s relationship with the restaurant industry has proven the most important for success. Our products reach millions of people every single day as they sit down to eat with friends, family and coworkers. We nod gratefully to those who have tirelessly worked hard for our current success and look forward to the future as our company continues to grow.

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