Building a healthier foodservice operation

As a foodservice provider operating in the healthcare industry, you face a wide variety of unique challenges. Patients, staff and visitors bring increasingly sophisticated tastes requiring contemporary menu items and service options. They also bring an ever-evolving set of dietary preferences and requirements, including food allergies and sensitivities.

The number of hospitals offering room service and meals on demand continues to increase as administrators look to improve patient satisfaction and reduce food waste.

Add the difficulties of finding, training and retaining quality workers – the challenge is clear.

In any caregiving environment, foodservice providers are judged on the safety and quality of their food and the condition of their kitchens.


NCCO International helps improve operational efficiency, improves food safety and enhances visitor and patient experience in all healthcare environments.


Food Safety Products

Serving food that is both nutritious and safe is essential in healthcare settings. Using masking tape for food labelling invites inefficiencies, safety issues and cross-contamination – and is less likely to pass health inspections. NCCO International’s DateIt™ labels makes properly labelling food easy, ensures food is used in proper rotation, which reduces waste for your operation.

Automated Labelling

What could your operation do with an extra 122 hours? That is how much time the DateCodeGenie® could save in time over handwritten labels. Create menu items and prep lists that are made frequently, and your labels will be printed before you have time to finish prepping. One less step to worry about so you can focus on providing the best customer service.

Bespoke Printing

Take your brand to the next level by creating bespoke labels and other printed items for your healthcare system. Not only will these products give an extra touch of professionalism, but they will also make your brand stand out. Custom printed items are an easy, cost-effective way for healthcare facilities to brand food items in the cafeteria, gift shop, vending machines and more.

FIFO & Portion Control

FIFO bottles, kits and accessories ensure consistent portions for every meal, which is especially important for patients who are carefully watching their nutrition and caloric intake. BPA-free FIFO bottles feature non-drip dispensing valves and kits come with fixed portion rings to save time, reduce costs and minimise sauce waste.

Piping Bags

NCCO International’s piping bags eliminate the hassle and worry of unsanitary cloth bags. Our two-part kits save time over larger, clunkier kits, so you can focus on creating those beautiful desserts and special-order cakes for your patients.

Portion Bags

NCCO International’s convenient, numbered bags cut on food waste while easily managing portions. Did you know that over portioning is the number one cause of wasted food? With a standing dispenser, simply grab and use what you need for prepping or storing food.

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