Why customers are eating out more and ordering less takeaway

A decline in takeaway orders is one of the latest restaurant trends. Find out why customers are choosing dine-in over takeaway from NCCO International.

According to reporting from Epsilon, almost 95% of customers are returning to restaurants late-pandemic. It’s essential to learn why customers are returning and how restaurants can use this knowledge to increase customer retention.

Returning to the Restaurant

Customers are quickly moving back to in-person dining for many reasons. Epsilon’s research shows that most customers are coming back for something they can’t get through an app: the dining experience.

Dine-in allows customers to enjoy a restaurant’s atmosphere, music, and service. More importantly, perhaps, is the fact that food is served direct from the kitchen to your table–as fresh as possible. Even though customers are returning for these reasons, there are some restaurant trends that consumers expect will follow them.

Learning From Customer Behavior

Although customers are returning, they expect that some of the digital restaurant trends are here to stay. The Epsilon report lists easy ordering and payment as the two most influential consumer trends. Embracing these trends is easier said than done. With this difficulty, how can restaurants create opportunities to adopt new trends?

Finding Room to Adopt New Restaurant Trends

Adopting the latest restaurant trends can be difficult. Foodservice operators will need to reprioritise resources and personnel to adopt trends; however, organisations may not always have sufficient resources. In these cases, kitchens will need to find ways to reduce costs and improve efficiency to gather the necessary resources.

There are a few ways to increase your bottom line, save time, and increase efficiency. Portion control products can help kitchens achieve consistency. With some work, you can direct these savings to your trend-setting efforts.

Labelling automation can also be a helpful tool for kitchens, which saves time and allows you to focus on trends in your industry. Automated labelling solutions are an excellent option for any kitchen hoping to manage staff and free up resources effectively.

Learn more about automated labelling solutions from NCCO International.

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