DateCodeGenie® Helps to Get Started with Takeaway & Delivery

How has the transition from eat-in service to takeaway and delivery been for your foodservice operation? Chances are there have been struggles adapting to the new regulations and closures.

Your operation may now have less staff per shift — each person is having to take on additional tasks they had not previously. This makes keeping the same quality of service you would have during dine-in more important than ever to keep patrons coming back for takeaway and delivery.

To ensure great service (despite less staff), rely on the DateCodeGenie®.

This dynamic automated labelling machine makes labelling for prep, grab-and-go, takeaway, delivery, branding and more, easy and safe.

  • With the ability to print up to 60 labels a minute, labels are produced in a matter of seconds to be immediately used on an outgoing order.
  • Menu items can be pre-added in the cloud-based portal so ingredients, nutrition, allergen alerts, and any additional important information for the meal will auto-populate on a label in one click.
  • Add a logo, customer name, social media handles, QR codes, any additional re-heating or final cooking instructions and more to further customise.

The DateCodeGenie’s built-in label designer makes creating label layouts frustration-free – labels are available in a variety of adhesives and sizes. Your imagination — for what is printed on labels, how information is laid out, and how labels are used — is the only limitation.

Additionally, two SecureIt® tamper-evident labels are made to be used with the DateCodeGenie.

These labels feature an aggressive adhesive and security cut marks that make tampering and contamination clear.

Strong adhesive sticks to paper, plastic, foil, cardboard and more. SecureIt® labels give customers peace of mind that food is safe to consume and are especially helpful when a third-party is involved.

Take the guesswork out of handwritten labels and add an extra touch of professionalism by printing labels for takeout and delivery with DateCodeGenie®. This labelling machine will provide long-lasting benefits to your foodservice operation beyond the current times.

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