Getting Creative During Challenging Times with Date Code Genie®

Did you know that the number of individuals that work within the restaurant sector is nearing 1 million in the United Kingdom alone? And with recent shutdowns, many restaurants are having to get creative to stay operational with takeaway, delivery and curbside pickup meals.

Check out some of these ideas from restaurants in Europe:

Making the Trip to Customers. In London, a cheese bar truck is bringing its cheese and wine pairings to customers. Two trucks are travelling door-to-door while maintaining social distancing rules. As they say, “the people need their cheese” and they have set out to do just that. These basics still must be correctly packaged and labelled for the customers. Date Code Genie® permanent labels that can include ingredients, nutrition, allergen alerts, customer name, logo and more can be very helpful and practical in this situation.

Offering Basic (But Delicious) Ingredients & Home Essentials. A restaurant in Liverpool pivoted to offering basic ingredients for sale to customers, such as pastas, candy, coffee, rice, nuts and cereals. These ingredients are already on hand for the restaurant and customers can use them to make delicious meals at home. The restaurant is also selling its stock of cleaning products and drinks, among other home goods. These basics still must be correctly labelled, which is where the Date Code Genie® prep labels, and larger labels, can provide great value – and are easy to print (up to 60 labels a minute!).

These are just a couple of the endless examples of restaurants who are quickly pivoting to find creative ways to stay in business during challenging times. In each case, the Date Code Genie® can help make labelling meals and ingredients efficient, easy and safe. Having the ability to print a pre-created label takes the guesswork out of labelling during busy times and makes labelling quick and easy.

The Date Code Genie® is also helpful in a variety of sectors – not just in restaurants or foodservice operations.

The image below shows a label printed on a (50mm x 50 mm) removable Date Code Genie® label that is used to alert hotel customers that their room has been fully sanitised. This extra step shows customers the business is taking additional measures to keep patrons safe.

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