Deliver crispier, tastier pizzas with greaseproof pizza delivery box liners from Perfect Crust™

Imagine this—a customer tries your pizza while dining at your restaurant and instantly falls in love with it. Head over heels, they tell their friend, “It’s the most amazing pizza I’ve ever tasted! You have to try it!” That testimonial is a dream come true for your business. It’s exactly the type of free advertising you hope for.

But then things take a downward turn. Inspired by their friend’s recommendation, your would-be customer orders one of your pizzas—for delivery. By no fault of your own, the formerly oven-fresh, perfectly cooked pizza shows up to your new customer in a soggy cardboard box saturated with steam and grease.

It’s safe to say you won’t score any raving reviews from this once-perfect pizza, ruined by a standard pizza liner and a mediocre cardboard delivery box. But this doesn’t have to be the case.

You can avoid this scenario easily and deliver fresh, crispy pizzas every time by using one simple innovation—greaseproof pizza delivery box liners from Perfect Crust™.

Here’s how the Perfect Crust pizza liner works and how it can benefit your business.

How do Perfect Crust pizza delivery box liners keep pizzas fresh & crispy?

It might seem like magic, but the success of the Perfect Crust pizza delivery box liner has more to do with simple science and intuitive design rather than any enchantment (as much as it seems like magic).

Here’s how it works:

Thanks to their bi-directional patented bumps, Perfect Crust pizza liners allow steam to escape from underneath the crust, which keeps the pizza from getting soggy. At the same time, the liner itself absorbs grease and excess moisture, which keeps the crust crispy and fresh.

By slightly elevating 96% of the pizza off the liner, the bi-directional bumps also eliminate the “cardboard taste” generally associated with delivery pizza. After all, you want your pizza to taste like a slice of heaven, not a slice of cardboard. 

And because these liners allow steam to flow more evenly across the top and bottom of the pizza, they keep the pizza 6 to 8° warmer upon delivery. Plus, Perfect Crust pizza liners stabilise pizza in the delivery box, allowing for easier handling and a more appealing presentation.

Tastier pizza, less storage space

Here’s another benefit worth mentioning—Perfect Crust pizza liners take up significantly less storage space compared to traditional corrugated liners and circles.

By switching to a pizza liner that maintains the flavour and integrity of your pizzas, you also save on storage space. And when you save on storage space, you have a kitchen that’s less cluttered, easier to move around in and safer for employees.

Perfect pizzas are just a click away

So, the next time your pizza receives a glowing review, ensure it lives up to the hype by protecting its flavour, crispiness and presentation with a Perfect Crust pizza liner. If it helps your customers enjoy their pizza even more, this liner might lead to additional positive reviews down the road. And that’s something you can’t put a price tag on.

We offer these recyclable, biodegradable pizza liners in various sizes, which you can view by following this link. To request a product sample, contact us at

“Perfect Crust Pizza Liners are far superior to any other liner on the market. They keep our crusts crisper and pizzas warmer during delivery and takeout.”

– Tony Gemignani 13 time World Pizza Champion

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