Dissolving and Removable Labels

Are you trying to decide on the right food safety labels for your foodservice operation? If you conduct some light research, you’ll discover there are a variety of designs as well as various adhesives to choose from. Your food service operation may require a combination of several labels, but which ones do you need the most? We put together the list below to help you decide.

Dissolving Labels

Our dissolving labels are biodegradable and disappear completely in any water temperature. When you wash a food container with one of these labels on it, the label dissolves without leaving any sticky residue behind. Staffers won’t need to peel gunk off the container, which makes clean-up simple. We manufacture these labels using food grade adhesives. That means you can rest easy knowing you chose a convenient product that will make your health and safety inspector happy.

Removable Labels

Removable labels do not dissolve, but you can remove them from containers with little effort. Simply peel them off and watch how easily they lift from the container without leaving anything behind. There’s no scraping or scrubbing involved. These labels are a bit stronger when compared to dissolvable labels, and they will not tear.


Depending on what you need labels for, you will find perks with each type of label. You may need to utilise both dissolving and removable labels. Both labels are food grade adhesives, so they are safe for your operation as opposed to other adhesives. Both remove cleanly from containers. However, removable labels are waterproof, so they may prove a more effective option for use in coolers and freezers. They also hold up better and can be used as a closure, while the dissolvable ones cannot.

If you’d like a sample of our labels, visit our website.

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