Introducing the NCCO Task Manager

Food Safety Management System

ask Manager by NCCO, a food safety management system

No one understands the need for organisation and efficiency in the kitchen better than NCCO. For over a century we have committed ourselves to providing the most useful and reliable kitchen tools and solutions, from POS and FIFO equipment to piping bags, food labelling systems, and more.

As the foodservice industry continues to grow and evolve, so do our product offerings and advancements. And, as food safety compliance and temperature monitoring is an increasingly important issue, going paperless and simplifying access to HACCP and compliance documentation becomes the key to success.

To this end, we couldn’t be more excited to introduce our latest innovation: the NCCO Task Manager, a comprehensive food safety management system.

Introducing Task Manager by NCCO

food safety management software and compliance system

Developed with fast-paced, high-pressure kitchens in mind, Task Manager eliminates manual record keeping to save time, minimise errors and improve food safety across single and multi-venue operations.

Task Manager makes it easy to build food safety compliance forms and easily access HACCP records with intuitive search, filter, and export functionality, as well as create and schedule cleaning checklists to guide staff through daily hygiene management. Award-winning real-time temperature monitoring technology sends notifications when refrigerator temperatures stray from range to reduce the risk of spoiled stock, and the multi-venue analytics dashboard ensures accountability with reports on demand.

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Forms & Checklists

Task Manager kitchen_management_system_Forms _Checklists

Eliminate the burden of manual documentation and lost error-ridden forms. Task Manager guides employees through daily scheduled tasks and allows managers to easily review and approve completed forms and checklists.

Task Scheduling Engine

Automate scheduling of recurring checklist and form tasks at set start and finish times, streamlining food safety compliance

Remote Temperature Monitoring

Task Manager by NCCO provides remote temperature monitoring

Receive automated notifications when temperatures go outside of range with remote temperature monitoring, saving time and reducing risk of spoiled stock.

Here’s what you can expect:


Monitors and transmits temperature, humidity, and battery life with time stamps


Sensor data is received and sent to Task Manager 


Platform logs information and sends alerts should temperatures stray from range

Analytics & Reporting

food safety compliance system Analytics & Reporting

Access multi-venue reporting and records quickly in the central dashboard, improving visibility and organisation

Efficiency, Visibility, Accountability from One Unified Dashboard

Task Manager upgrades food safety standards and offers ease of access for all necessary food safety documentation and compliance forms, as well as checklists for staff to maintain the highest standards of kitchen cleanliness.

Plus, Task Manager integrates seamlessly with the DateCodeGenie® automated food labelling system to print food labels – including Use-By, Defrost, Batch labels and more – with one simple click. Save time and increase efficiency in the kitchen by utilising label and ingredient data already available and ready to print from the DateCodeGenie platform.

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Companies also receive a personalized onboarding process, dedicated support channels for smooth implementation, training sessions to ensure effective platform use, and ongoing assistance for continuous improvement to ensure use of Task Manager is as easy as possible for everyone in the kitchen.

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