Maximising Kitchen Space & Efficiency with the DateCodeGenie®

Image this scenario: It’s during the dinner rush in your kitchen. Tickets are steadily coming in. Used plates are taking up too much counterspace and your dishwasher calls in sick. Again. One of the waiters tells you that a customer at table six wants to substitute their side for steamed broccoli. You see that the broccoli container in the walk-in doesn’t have a label. How long has that broccoli been there? A day? A week? You’re trying to decide what to do, and then your sous chef drops an entire pan of risotto on the floor.

It’s impossible to understand the stress of a mealtime rush unless you’ve served time on the frontlines yourself. It’s both physically and mentally draining and urgency and precision are always important.

Due to the increased chaos of busy hours, every kitchen–even those who take pride in cooking meals from scratch–relies on prepping and properly labelling food ahead of time. NCCO International offers products to help kitchens run smoothly, stay organised, and ensure food safety.

Improving Kitchen Efficiency with DateCodeGenie®

If you’re not yet familiar with it, the DateCodeGenie® system is a cloud-based centrally managed, and fully customisable automated labelling system. It’s housed in high-quality, kitchen-grade stainless steel and includes an easy-to-use touchscreen as well as WiFi connectivity.

Kitchens can only operate in the space they are given, and it’s rarely more space than the staff needs. There’s only so much space on the grill, in the fridge, in the freezer–there’s even limited space for kitchen employees to stand! Kitchens can save time, increase productivity, and reduce food waste with accurate food labels and equipment.

If your staff works in a kitchen with especially limited space, the DateCodeGenie Fit and DateCodeGenie Lite would provide great options due to their smaller footprints and increased mobility.

The DateCodeGenie system offers several unique designs to support your kitchen. If you need a better way to organise your kitchen while maintaining high standards, we can help. Request a DateCodeGenie demo to learn more.

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