How to Keep Food Safe at School

While some schools have been able to reopen for a select number of students, other students may not be able to attend school again until September rolls around. With the state of the world in distress due to COVID-19, ensuring children’s safety at schools is of the utmost importance. It is estimated that many children get more than half of their meals during the week from school. Nutritious meals help students focus and fight off illnesses. School foodservice providers have an especially unique challenge right now to create healthy meals with an increased focus on food safety and allergen-awareness.

Food Safety

COVID-19 may not be transmitted by food, but school foodservice workers still need to be especially cautious when they are preparing and serving food to students. School foodservice workers should not go to work if they do not feel well or have any COVID symptoms. Upon getting to work, they should record their symptoms and take their temperatures. They must also practice proper hand hygiene; if workers touch their clothing, hands or face, they need to wash their hands before returning to work. This is a great way to help avoid cross-contamination. It is also important to wear personal protective equipment (PPE) like masks and gloves.

Allergen Safety

Allergen safety is crucial in schools, as kids do not always understand the severity of their allergies or the consequences of consuming an allergen. Including a label on all food that displays an ingredient and allergen list, helps everyone. The Date Code Genie® efficiently prints allergen and nutritional labels with the tap of a button and can be easily customised based upon your school’s needs. It makes designing, managing and printing labels for prep, individually wrapped items, and boxed lunches stress-free during a time when there are plenty of other guidelines to manage.

Utilising the Date Code Genie, following food safety practices and focusing on allergen awareness will help keep students safe at school.

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