3 Ways Gen Z is Changing Restaurants Forever

Dozens of trends emerge in the restaurant industry every year, but only a few last. Restaurant owners need to know which ones are going to stick around, so they can make changes to their menus, kitchens, and infrastructure.

Stay up to date with current trends by looking to the younger generations, specifically Gen Z. There are several new restaurant trends that Gen Z adults love and that restaurant owners should begin incorporating into their business model to appeal to this valuable demographic.

Gen Z’s Latest Restaurant Trends

Embracing the Digital Space

Online ordering and payment are already common for the corporate giants, but there are also digital solutions for local restaurants. Gen Z and Millennial adults prefer these methods, but they’re also pushing restaurants to do more.

For example, around 69% of Gen Zs would prefer to use a digital assistant to make orders. This digital service, although complicated, might be key for restaurants to use in the future.

Gen Z and Millennial adults also prefer digital ordering for dine-in, so digital tablets are an easy way to appeal to your younger audience. Using tablets also allows you to allocate more staff resources to your kitchen.

New Subscription Models

You probably have more subscriptions than ever, but what would you think about a subscription to a restaurant? Restaurants subscriptions are still experimental, but research shows that 80% of Gen Z and Millennial adults are interested in paying monthly for a set number of meals at their favorite restaurant.

Subscriptions can provide great incentives for diners. You can promote packages that allow customers to pay a flat rate and come with a few extra perks. Some of these perks might include access to free menu items, discounts, or even special events.  

A subscription model can be a great way for restaurants to generate steady income. For restaurants that aren’t ready for subscriptions, the same research also points to “house accounts” as a potential trend. With a house account, diners sign their name to their checks and receive a bill at the end of the month.

Innovations in Takeaway and Delivery

It’s no secret that takeaway and delivery is more popular than ever. However, there are a few trends that seek to improve the experience for these diners. In addition to digital ordering, payments, and loyalty programs, restaurants are experimenting by helping customers with meal prep.

Rather than view the restaurant as a place to eat casually, Gen Z adults prefer to incorporate their favorite meals into their weekly routine. Restaurants can accomplish this by offering their raw ingredients in branded packaging, which keeps their delicious meals at the top of mind for their customers.

Increased Food Safety with NCCO

These trends can be a great investment for restaurants that want to draw a younger audience. To make the trends successful, however, you’ll need to be sure your restaurant has the right food safety measures in place.

Food safety and tamper-evident labels provide peace of mind for your customers. These labels help your customers keep track of their meal prep ingredients and ensure that no one has meddled with them.

As your staff shifts their focus to the kitchen, letting digital solutions take over ordering, you’ll need ways to stay organized. Automated labelling solutions help your kitchens keep ingredients organized, prevent spoilage and cross-contamination, and account for allergens.

NCCO offers food safety products to improve your kitchens. With these products, you can track your ingredients, avoid spoilage, and help your staff stay productive. To find the right solution for your foodservice operation, contact us with your questions.  

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