Increasing Restaurant Awareness | Expand your digital footprint

It’s safe to say that the future is digital, and dining seems to be along for the ride. With a constantly expanding digital landscape, it’s crucial for restaurants and other food service providers to prepare. The best way to meet this shift is by increasing your kitchen’s digital footprint and finding ways to stand out online.

Creating a Restaurant Website

Having some web presence is vital in today’s digital world and critical to the success of your kitchen. Restaurant websites are a great way for people to discover your business. Often, your web presence is how customers interact with you for the first time.

A restaurant website can help customers find your location, contact information, or browse menu items. Websites can also be a valuable tool for customers to leave reviews, make suggestions, or contact you with requests. After establishing your digital footprint with a website, you can move onto your kitchen’s social media.

Social Media for Restaurants

Social media is another excellent tool for restaurants to expand their digital footprint. A social media presence can supplement the efforts of your website and even give you access to some additional tools.

For example, social media channels are much more visual. Multiple platforms allow you to post pictures of your culinary creations, videos of your dining experience, and special offers. Additionally, social media gives you more chances to interact with your audience. You can respond to comments, interact on other people’s pages, and participate in timely trends.

Expand Digital Footprint with Bespoke Print

One of the best ways to increase your digital footprint is with bespoke print. Custom labelling can take your branding efforts to new heights. Even though print isn’t a digital medium, it can tie in directly with your digital efforts.

Kitchens can create labels with QR codes that link to their website, display social handles, or even display limited-time events that promote online interaction. With the right strategy, everything can work in tandem to increase your overall presence.

NCCO offers bespoke labels that quickly and affordably boost brand recognition. With the Labels Your Way online label builder, you can build custom labels and increase brand awareness with several available options.

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