Can Pizza Stay Fresh During Delivery? Absolutely – With the Right Tools

Everyone loves pizza. And one of the beautiful things about pizza is how convenient it is to get it – you don’t have to go out to a restaurant to enjoy it. It is the ideal takeout item, something to share with family and friends in the comfort of your home, and – more convenient still, it’s something that can be delivered quickly and easily right to your front door.

But even as this is true, the ultimate question remains: How can we keep pizza fresh and crispy as when it comes out of the oven during transit to its destination?

Delivery is one of the most common form of pizza consumption. Pizza delivery is a £3.7 billion market in the UK alone after all, and it is only expected to grow (source). Ensuring your brand is the one people choose for takeout and delivery pizza means ensuring your brand is hot, fresh, and crispy when it arrives at your customers’ door.

Keep Pizza Fresh During Delivery

Because delivery pizzas can taste just as fresh and crispy as pizzas served straight out of the oven. Here’s how: Pizza liners play a crucial role in maintaining the quality of pizzas during takeout and delivery – they allow you to handle your pizza with ease, keeping the flavour from being compromised by outside factors (like the cardboard box it comes in). Pizza liners also ensure a crisper crust by letting moisture escape from the box (moisture is what causes sogginess) and keeps the order hot and ready to eat.

The Perfect Crust™ Pizza Liner is the perfect solution for hot, fresh, crisp pizza your customers will love – and keep coming back for.

  • It allows steam to escape while absorbing pizza grease and excess moisture. This keeps pizza crust crispy and fresh for longer periods of time
  • It eliminates the dread “cardboard taste” that comes from sitting directly in a pizza delivery box
  • It keeps pizza more than 7 to 8°C warmer upon delivery
  • It uses significantly less storage space in your restaurant compared with other options, like corrugated liners and circles
  • It stabilises pizza in the delivery box, which allows for easier handling and a more appealing presentation
  • Perfect Crust Pizza Liners are also available in five different sizes, which means you’ll have the right liner for every size pizza you sell


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