Reopening Your Restaurant After COVID-19

Now that cases of COVID-19 are slowing down, businesses and restaurants are starting to open again. However, there are still many uncertainties. Below are a few helpful tips to guide restaurant re-openings:

Floor Graphics
Social distancing is still a top priority. Floor graphics should be utilised to keep patrons at least two meters apart. They can also be used to direct the flow of traffic.

Spaced Out Tables
Keep guests at least two meters apart by placing tables at a distance. Tables should be placed away from heavy traffic areas. For instance, do not place tables near the path to the restroom or near the doors, as this may cause guests to come within two meters of one another.

Sanitising Stations
Sanitise products that frequently come into contact with waitstaff and customers. This includes condiments, pens, menus and check presenters. Invest in sanitised labels so it is clear which products need to be sanitised and which are clean. High-quality antibacterial wipes help make this process quick and efficient.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
Wearing masks, gloves and safety visors is highly recommended, especially for servers. Not only do they come in contact with food, but they are in contact with numerous customers.

Continue to Rely on Takeaway Orders
Some individuals may still be nervous to come into the restaurant. To combat this, continue to offer delivery and takeaway options. Encourage individuals to order ahead so that when they come into the restaurant, they can quickly pick up their orders and leave.

Revamp your Internal Processes
You may not be able to operate to full capacity just yet, which gives you the space to monitor your internal processes and revamp your menu. Take stock of what is selling and what is not. Remove unpopular items. Determine how you can cut costs and increase your profit margin.

Do not forget about food safety. Food safety labels will help you keep track of prep dates and expiration dates so you can keep costs down and serve your guests safe food.

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