Restaurant Cleaning During COVID-19

Restaurants and cafes all over the world have been hit hard due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Many restaurants have been forced to make drastic changes, from serving hundreds of customers per night to being forced to keep doors closed to guests. While some restaurants are able to fulfill takeout and delivery orders, some have sent staff home and closed completely. Restaurants have the opportunity to make this time productive by cleaning, completing remodeling projects, fixing internal issues, and making any necessary changes.


Before undertaking any new project, it is best to thoroughly clean every surface of the restaurant. Experts still do not quite understand how long the virus can stay on surfaces, so restaurants must be especially thorough in their cleaning or hire someone to do the job. For surfaces that must be sanitised between patrons, consider using NCCO International’s sanitised labels. These labels make it clear to customers that thorough sanitation has occurred, and are easy to remove leaving no residue behind.

Food Safety

Take some time to address food safety at your restaurant, especially if you have gotten poor reviews in this area recently. If you have been wasting food, throwing spoiled food away, or notice that food containers are frequently mislabelled, the Date Code Genie® is the ideal product to help. This intuitive system helps easily customise labels so you can use your time more effectively. You may also consider implementing the DateIt™ Food Rotation Labelling System in your operation – it will help avoid cross contamination and reduce waste, while also boosting productivity.  You will be sure to have a food-safe kitchen once this quarantine lifts!


If you have been wanting to update the kitchen and are able, what better time than now? Fix the floor, change out the appliances or expand the kitchen. These tasks can be far too difficult when you have a busy kitchen and are experiencing dinner and lunch rushes every day. Closing the restaurant entirely may impact your business, but if your restaurant is closed because of COVID-19 already, complete the projects now without disrupting business while you are able.

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