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Labelling solutions for every kitchen

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Unique Models for Your Operation

datecodegenie x series

DateCodeGenie X Series

DCG X2 & DCG X22 & DCG X23

Greater flexibility and workflow is achieved through either single or dual printers.

DCG Lite

Cost-effective and portable solution for kitchens with limited space.

Cloud-based, centrally managed and fully customisable to meet your needs – the DateCodeGenie® is a smart solution for every kitchen.
  • High quality kitchen-grade stainless steel housing 
  • WiFi enabled, full-color touchscreen 
  • Centrally managed, cloud-based software 
  • Thermal printers masterfully handle 50mm & 76mm labels 
  • Multimedia gallery for staff access to recipes, training materials and interactive user content 
  • Easily customise labels with the revolutionary drag-and-drop Label Designer 

Pictured is DCG X22.

This essential piece of kitchen equipment helps you:

Save Time & Boost Productivity

If you create just 50 labels a day, you will save 117 hours each year over handwritten labels. What can you do with three extra weeks a year?


Ensure Food Safety

Automated labeling creates the consistency health inspectors approve. Take the guesswork out of trying to read descriptions, prep dates, expiration dates and other handwritten information, reducing the risk of serving unsafe food.

Diminish Food Waste

Accurately labelled food is more likely to be used before expiration – and less likely to be thrown out. 



Enhance Accountability

You will know who prepped what label, when. You can update menus and control permissions from a single, central location. And, our Product Waste Tracking upgrade can generate daily reports on product waste.

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