The Importance of Omnichannel Food Ordering for the Hospitality Industry

Several trends are changing the hospitality industry, but omnichannel food ordering is one of the most prominent. This trend addresses the expectations of younger customers but also has several benefits for businesses throughout the UK.

Before adopting omnichannel order management, you’ll need to understand how the technology works. More importantly, you should know how to integrate the trend into your current foodservice operation seamlessly.

What is Omnichannel Food Ordering?

Omnichannel ordering is a system or platform that lets customers place food orders through various media and multiple touchpoints. This technology allows customers to order food for delivery or pickup using a variety of methods:

  • Using your business website
  • Through a dedicated mobile app
  • With a phone call
  • At a self-serve kiosk
  • Conventional in-person ordering

Omnichannel ordering fulfillment aims to provide customers with a seamless and consistent experience no matter how they prefer to place an order.

The Benefits of Omnichannel Order Management

When restaurants and cafes implement omnichannel food ordering, they quickly see the benefits associated with the trend.

Added Convenience for Customers

Customers want the ordering process to be convenient. This ordering system allows anyone to purchase using their preferred method, like online, through an app, or via a kiosk.

One of the most effective ways to encourage transactions is by reducing friction. The less effort customers need to place an order, the more orders a business will see. Because customers can place orders any way they want, restaurants often see a boost in sales.

Meeting Customer Expectations

Surveys show that younger customers expect multiple touchpoints when ordering from any foodservice operation. It’s vital to meet customer expectations to maintain a successful restaurant or café.

By meeting expectations, restaurant owners can improve customer satisfaction and increase loyalty to their brand. These improvements can lead to repeat business, referrals, and positive reviews, all of which help grow the business over time.

Access to More Data

One of the most important perks of omnichannel ordering is the ability to collect data. With this trend, restaurants have more:

  • Knowledge of customer preferences
  • Awareness of common menu substitutions
  • Frequency of orders
  • Promotional data
Improved Efficiency

With multiple channels, restaurants and cafes can free up staff. While customers are handling most of the ordering, employees can focus on their duties in the kitchen. In a time where staff recruitment and retention are troublesome, this trend provides a solid solution.

How to Successfully Incorporate Omnichannel Ordering

Even though this trend sounds easy to adopt, it’s much more challenging than it seems. Two reasons for this are staff training requirements and adopting a seamless platform.

Training Staff

Proper training is essential for every area of foodservice, including digital ordering. If a restaurant adopts omnichannel ordering, staff may have to deal with several new channels for taking orders. If this is the case, some training can go a long way to ensure that orders aren’t overlooked.

Building Convenient Platforms

It may be tempting to cobble together a few digital platforms to take advantage of the trend, but this is a mistake. First-time and returning customers need a great first impression of ordering platforms, or it is unlikely they will ever use it again–no matter how many improvements you make.

Because each platform is crucial, it’s best to integrate with existing ordering services or work with a professional to build your own.

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