Using food safety labels in restaurant kitchens

Creating a memorable dining experience and cooking delicious meals involves more than just having a solid menu. The rotation and labelling system in a kitchen also helps ensure and protect the freshness of ingredients, which leads to better tasting meals. Top-of-the-line equipment and kitchen tools makes up part of the equation too, but it’s also up to kitchen staff to maintain a proper organisation system and keep shelves stocked.

When it comes to identifying the freshest ingredients (and reducing food waste), food safety labels make a significant difference. So, what are the benefits of investing in a safety labelling system? Find out more from the article below.

Keep a clean kitchen

As we begin reopening our doors for inhouse guests, cleanliness and sanitation will continue to remain top-of-mind for customers as well as health inspectors. The end of the pandemic won’t change that. In the back of house, this means staying on top of expiration dates and avoiding cross-contamination. Cleaning, restocking and sanitising are simple when using a functional labelling system.

Store & prepare safely

Using the FIFO–or the “first in, first out” method–decreases food waste from spoilage and prevents food-borne illnesses. The food a restaurant uses in preparing meals must follow strict guidelines. Correctly and accurately labelling the ingredients in a kitchen will ensure that only fresh, safe food is served to customers.  

Save time & money

A labelling system sets a clear process for kitchen staff that is easier to follow and train new staff on. Standardising your food rotation labels with colour-coded and pre-printed labels also allows for quicker and simpler identification.

When it comes time to inspect inventory, reorder supplies, or change the menu, it can be done simply and quickly when labelled clearly. NCCO International offers all kinds of food safety labels to help with that. Our DateIt™ Food Rotation Labelling System comes in a variety of adhesives, including dissolving, reusable, removable, wash off, peel off and permanent. 

No kitchen safety plan is complete without a system to promote fresh and safe ingredients. The most efficient way to execute food safety in a commercial kitchen is with a clear labelling system. To discover more about our labelling systems or other everyday solutions from NCCO International, contact us today.

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