Our automated labelling system just got even smarter: Introducing the DateCodeGenie® partnership with Erudus

With consumers and governments becoming increasingly aware of food allergens, businesses can no longer afford to make mistakes while labelling food. They need comprehensive, up-to-date information to create labels that keep customers safe and kitchens up to code.

At the same time, restaurants, caterers, cafes and pubs also need to increase the efficiency of their labelling systems so that staff can save time on this tedious yet necessary task.

Thanks to the partnership between DateCodeGenie® and Erudus, businesses now have an automated labelling system that can create even smarter labels for keeping customers safe and informed.

How DateCodeGenie® & Erudus help enhance food labelling

When it comes to accurately and efficiently labelling food, both the DateCodeGenie and Erudus have a lot to offer—especially in terms of allergen labelling. Through its central portal, the DateCodeGenie allows system administrators to manage, control and modify settings across multiple locations. These settings include allergen warnings, label designs and menu items.

While the DateCodeGenie provides speed and flexibility with label creation, Erudus offers one of the most comprehensive systems for managing and finding allergen and nutritional information. When creating a new menu item or food label, the Erudus Recipe Builder helps system administrators calculate nutritional values and production costs while also identifying allergen information.

Foodservice staff and administrators can also use the Erudus Quick Search function to look up information on ingredients and allergens for any menu item—a vital function for keeping customers safe and informed.

How the DateCodeGenie & Erudus work together to provide comprehensive allergen labelling

When combined with the DateCodeGenie, Erudus allows DateCodeGenie users to search, access and apply crucial health information directly to food labels. So, how does that work?

While using the label builder in the DateCodeGenie online portal, system administrators input a menu item’s ingredients and the amount of each ingredient used in a particular dish. From there, the DateCodeGenie uses the Erudus database to pull in the necessary allergen and nutritional information for each ingredient.

The DateCodeGenie then uses this information to populate labels with the required allergen warnings and nutritional information. The label designs save automatically in the DateCodeGenie online portal and update to every device within the same system.

When it comes time to print a label, foodservice staff simply select the label design they’d like to use, enter in the number of labels they need, and the DateCodeGenie will print the labels out within seconds.

By pulling information directly from the Erudus database, the DateCodeGenie reduces the frequency of labelling errors. And by saving label designs for future use, the DateCodeGenie helps simplify and speed up the labelling process even further. No more waiting for labels to arrive in the mail. The DateCodeGenie prints as many as an operator needs within seconds.

No one—whether you’re a customer or restaurant team member—wants their food to cause an allergic reaction. But with the partnership between Erudus and DateCodeGenie, you can relax by knowing that your customers have the accurate, legible information they need to make informed decisions and stay safe.

For more information on how the DateCodeGenie helps everyday foodservice operations meet their labelling needs, keep customers safe and streamline operations, contact your designated NCCO sales representative or send us an email at uksales@ncco.com.

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