Food Safety at Care Homes

Foodservice providers operating in the care home industry face unique challenges, and especially so during COVID-19. Many care homes and nursing facilities are on lockdown due to the pandemic, which means that foodservice workers need to take extra precautions to ensure they are following safe food handling procedures to keep residents safe. NCCO International offers several products that make this task much easier.

Food Safety Labels

The safety and quality of the food at a care home is a top priority, especially when considering the special dietary requirements that many older individuals must follow. The first step to making sure that food is safe for elderly adults is to properly label it and make sure that spoilt food is not being served. Food safety labels allow foodservice workers to keep track of prep dates, ingredient lists, use-by dates and more on an organised, easy-to-read label. With the DateCodeGenie®, which prints these labels, you take the guesswork out of reading handwritten labels. These labels will ensure you are always serving residents safe, fresh products. It will also cut costs by preventing waste. Ingredient lists and nutrition facts can be added to the labels and printed by the DateCodeGenie, which makes keeping track of nutrients easy for residents who must be particular about what they consume.

Tamper-Evident Labels

SecureIt® Tamper-Evident labels are also an effective labelling solution that should be implemented in care homes. They have a strong adhesive and special cut marks that break if they are tampered with. Foodservice workers can use these labels on all takeaways. When food is delivered to residents’ rooms, they will have peace of mind knowing that their food has not been tampered with.

FIFO and Portion Control

FIFO and portion control accessories will help you and your team provide consistency and quality with every meal. FIFO bottles and kits ensure consistent portions and non-drip dispensing valves which will not only save time and reduce waste, it will guarantee elderly residents are receiving the correct portion sizes so they can reach their nutrition requirements.

Now is the time you may also want to consider having the team brush up on their safe food handling practises, including hand hygiene, allergen awareness and more. To learn more about how NCCO International can help your care home, visit us.

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